Paul Saunders 1722-1771

Paul Saunders was predominately a tapestry maker and upholsterer operating in London in the mid 18th century. His work however was of great note, especially his seating furniture and his list of clients is still extraordinary to read. The Duke of Cumberland, The Duke of Norfolk, The Duke of Northumberland, The Duke of Somerset, The Earl Temple, The Earl of Leicester to name a few. Each one of these highly respected landed aristocrats where not only patrons but exponents of his work, so much so that he became tapestry maker to George III. Of all the records of his work it seems his extensive sets of carved and gilded seat furniture are of particular note supplying a set to Holkham Hall and Petworth House. His firm continued under the stewardship of his son Hugh, until it disbanded at an unknown later date.  This Example here was sold at Christie's  in 2003 for just over £128,000