John Blades 1783 -1829

John Blades established his chandelier and glass show room at Ludgate Hill in 1783 and soon became world renowned for the quality and intricacy of his glass design. He worked in collaboration with the architect J.B Papworth who not only designed his extensive show rooms but aspects of his chandeliers as well. The company grew and grew helped firstly by the cessation of hostilities with France and secondly with an expansion into the Indian market. His work was so famed that he became cut-glass maker to King George III and was even commissioned to create a great glass Gothic tomb for the Nabob of Oudh. One of the defining aspects of Blades chandeliers are the long oblong drops, designed by Papworth and described as being “full of prismatic beauty”. Blades work was prolific but still of the highest caliber and his chandeliers and lustres look just as magnificent in a contemporary setting today as they did in a house in the 19th century.